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Keep Hardwood Shining like New With These Top Industry Tools

Using the Right Mop Is All it Takes for Vibrant Hardwood Floors


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The best mops for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors look so fantastic when they are fresh and new; gleaming under foot with color and brilliance. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. The most beautiful floors can be left dull, drab, ruined by the grinding of sand and dirt. 

Although there is no way to completely prevent the natural wear and tear on hardwood flooring, there are definitely ways to prolong your hardwood floor years at it's original luster. It is all in the mops


Microfiber Mops

When it comes to gleaming hardwood floors, microfiber is the name of the game.In fact, all of the tools on our list tonight utilize the incredibly gentle touch of microfiber. The beauty of this wonder fabric is that it is able to attract dirt and dust that would otherwise abrade and dull hardwood flooring. It is able to do this without leaving lint, and without vigerous scrubbing and further abbrasion to the floor surface.



microfiber mop

This is one of the best sellers on amazon, and it is as effective as it is simple. The main premise here is that this 18" microfiber pad is damp (with floor polish or cleaner specifically designed for wood flooring). The slight moisture helps to attract and wipe away the dirt but isn't so wet that it seeps into the floor, potentially damaging it. The cloth comes off and can be washed like normal! Simple, Effective. Perfect.


2. Mop With Cleaning Spray



like a swiffer

This configuration of dry mops is another example of a damp mop. It is important to note that this is NOT a swiffer- this has a real microfiber, washable elastic cover that can be tossed in the wash when you're done. 

 3. Electrostatic Spin Mop

Have You Ever Heard of an Electrostatic Mop? Until I was researching for this blog post, I hadn't either. I think this is a very cool idea. The mop works by spinning which generates electrostatic electrcity (think shuffling your socks on carpet then touching someone) that attracts all nearby hair and pet fur for collection. Really cool item!


 electrostatic drymop


The All-In-One Mop



This spiffy little mop does it all! Damp mopping, dry mopping, tough enough for stubborn spots but all still made of a lush microfiber that isn't going to damage your hardwood flooring. It is the top seller in it's class on Amazon. Simple and functional. What more could you want?


Your hardwood floors can keep that freshy done luster for longer than you think. Much like any other home improvement producy, it all comes doen to haveing the right tools

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