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5 Ways to Silence Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Here are 5 easy ways to silence creaky floors that anyone can do, even on the tightest budget, and all under 10 minutes. Anyone who has lived in a home with a hardwood floor knows the sound- that inevitable, insufferable creeaaaaakkkkkk while walking over a high-traffic area. While excellent during this fall season as an addition to a spooky house, in day-to day life; the creaky floor boards just won’t cut it. 

Lubricate Floors

1. Lubricate your Floorboards

Since Los Angeles lacks basements, it is often times impossible to get access to the joists underneath a hardwood floor. For those of us seeking quick, easy fixes which require little-to-no elbow grease, lubricating the affected area is about as easy as it gets.

Countersink Screws

2. Countersink Screws

Although not the “prettiest” of options, you can also drive a drywall screw through the board and accompanying joist. For neatest results, countersink the screws and cover the top with wood filler using a putty knife and then sand off excess. You will have to put the screws in at a diagonal angle from the board into the joist. This can be a little tricky!


 Wood Glue

3. Carpenter's Glue and Putty Knife

That’s right. Good ole Elmer’s wood glue and a putty knife. This process is a bit more time consuming, but is definitely cost effective. Squeeze the glue along all of the wood seams. Try to get it as deep into the seams as you can. Use a putty knife to even as much as possible, and then weigh down the affected area and allow it to dry. You will want to put about 200 lbs of weight on the drying boards! Then, using a medium high (somewhere around 220 grit, working your way up) grit sandpaper, even out the glue. 


Squeak no more kit

4. Squeeeeeak No More Kits

You can get one of these kits at any local big box hardware retailer, like Home Depot, Lowes etc. This kit may look intimidating, but the process is actually very simple, and very well explained. One advantage to using this system is that this option allows you to correct squeaky hardwood floors underneath carpeting. Coming in at a cozy $20 a kit- it’s a good option for those of us who cannot get under our floorboards to solve any squeaks or creaking.

Glazier Points

5. Glazier Points

Another common item to find in any local hardware store is a glazier point. Intended for use in framing, these tiny metal pieces can be re-appropriated to solve your pesky squeaky hardwood floor problem. Using about 6 inches or space between insertions, wedge the glazier point between two boards which are squeaking. Then, using either a putty knife or rubber mallet, place them as deep between the planks as possible.

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Published: 10/23/2015 


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