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3 Methods to Achieve Gray Hardwood Floors

Grey Hardwood Floors

 grey hardwood flooring

Grey is the New Black

Flip through any interior design magazine, and you will see grey floors adoring most of the designer homes. 2016, grey has taken over. People are usiing this neutral color flooring in every place from their kitchens and bathrooms to covering their entire house. Don't get pressured into buying some extremely exotic wood floor to achieve grey! This article covers a few different methods (including a DIY way) to achieve those sleek, neutral floors.

Method 1: Purchase Grey Hardwood, Laminate, or Engineered Flooring

The most straightforward and obvious method (you would think) is to simply purchase solid hardwood flooring in a species of wood that has grey lumber. That may be harder than you think! For the most part, wood does not simply grow grey. According to the wood database , there are not any species of wood which grow exclusively grey. However, there are many varities which can, and often do, present with rich grey tones over a more earthy, brown background. We searched the web to find unfinished hardwood floors which came in grey. Here are 3 of the best options we could find:


Solid Hardwood:

  • Blueridge Oak: Shale at $4.75/sq ft, this is actually a fantastic deal. This is a pre-finished, 3/4 in solid hardwood floor.

  • White fumed Oak Flooring: This is another pre-finished variety which has a really nice ash color that almost seems white. 

    white fumed oak
  • Maple: Pewter. For a more natural grey look, consider using maple hardwood which has been prefinished with this pewter topcoat

    pewter hardwood

Bamboo or Cork Flooring

By far the most economical way to achieve grey wood floors is to use bamboo. With a price tag that often comes in at less than half of the "hardwood" varieties; bamboo is an attractive and economic option. Bamboo flooring is a great option if you want to have grey flooring with very little distress , and a very uniform color. Since the grains are pin straight, and very small- the wood is far more uniform than its hardwood counterparts.


  • Strand- woven grey bamboo floors:

  • Silver Ash Bamboo Flooring:

    silver ash bamboo
  • Solid Grey Bamboo Flooring:

    solid bamboo grey


Method 2: Driftwood & Reclaimed Wood

This method can get rather pricey- especially as demand for driftwood and reclaimed lumber continue to rise. That being said- the colors and styles of grey which are accomplished by driftwood and reclaimed lumber are almost fantastic enough to be worth the insane additional expense. 

What is driftwood? Driftwood is any piece of wood which has been floating in the ocean for an extended period of time. This type of wood can be found and salvaged into hardwood and engineered wood flooring planks.

Some examples of what driftwood grey floors look like:

driftwood reclaimed driftwood driftwood2


You can also make your own driftwood. We suggest using unfinished pine or oak planks. Here is a link to a tutorial you can try! DIY tutorial: making driftwood

If you are going to make your own driftwood, we would suggest using unfinished pine or unfinished white oak!


Method 3: DIY Staining and Distressing

wirebrushing hardwood

 We have already done an extensive, in depth article covering wire brushing and distressing hardwood floors the DIY way. You may be surprised at how effective this method is. It is difficult to "mess up" because the entire premis of the wire brushing is to age the hardwood floors and damage the surface so it appears as though they are old, miscolored and worn in. Using this method does give you some control which is not given by using the other methods. Once you have successfully wirebrushed your hardwood floors, use a few coats of a grey wood stain which you can puirchase at any big box hardware retailer.


Achieving Grey Floors is Simple


There are many options for grey flooring. Some which will come at a higher financial cost; and others that will take some serious time and physical exhertion. The bottom line is, your options are open, and we hope that this article gave you some insight into different methods of acheiving grey flooring.

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