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Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2016

hardwood flooring trends 2016


Top Trends in Hardwood Flooring: 2016 Edition:

2016 is shaping up to be a very unique year in the world of hardwood flooring. For those of you who have hardwood floors which have had a particularly difficult life, don't fret! This year's style trends are heavily centered on different types of distressed flooring; basically anything to avoid the "shiny new floors" look which had been so popular in recent years.

This article will take a look at 10 of the biggest trends happening in the interior design world regarding hardwood flooring


#10: The Darker, the Better


hardwood flooring trends 2016 dark floors

In recent years, most homeowners went with bright blondes or other light varieties and species of hardwood for their flooring. This year is in direct contrast, with darker and darker floors rising in popularity. Maybe it is due to the rise in contemporary and modern design styles across the board, or perhaps it is the ultra-sleek, elegant look of deep, rich hardwood floors; whatever the reason, dark hardwood floors are helping to define interior design  Styles of 2016


#9 : White and Grey All the Way



grey all the way


Speaking of darker hardwood flooring: Other trends making an impact on hardwood flooring design are Grey and white washed floors. Homeowners seem split- while the majority of designers are sticking to dark colors, it seems as though high contrast or opposing colors are all the rage. Examples of this would be an all-white living room with black couches; or in this case: all white decor with contrasting grey floors. It is also fabulous in the white variety as well.


#8 : Vintage Look; Modern Feel


hardwood flooring trends 2016 country

Open any interior design magazine from 2016, and you will see this style all over the place. The idea here is to have a rustic look to the furniture and lay out, while still keeping an "updated" undertone. As far as hardwood flooring goes- this means wide, shorter planks instead of the standard variety. Interesting textures, neutral colors (especially grey or white) with some distress. This style is somewhere half way between a rustic cottage, and a modern traditional- which makes the space seem open and warm without the completely outdated, vintage type decor items that would be seen in a country/ cottage style decor.


#7 : Finally- We all Admit Hardwood Floors are Great for Kitchens!

For understandable reasons, for the last decade, people have really avoided admitting that hardwood floors not only look amazing in kitchens; they are functional, and way easier on your neck, back and spine than their ceramic counterparts (wood is softer and has some give whereas tile is rigid). Homeowners hesitated to jump on this bandwagon due to fear that hardwood floors may not hold up due to their porous nature in a kitchen setting. Thankfully- with the advances in poly finishes and hardwood protectants (and vinyl)- that worry can be put to bed and beautiful hardwood floors can once again be a part of the kitchen!


#6 : Satin and Matte


hardwood flooring trends 2016 kitchens

From what we have seen around the design world, another change in hardwood flooring design trends is choosing a matte or satin finish. In the very, very recent past; the most sought after hardwood floors that shone like mirrors in the sunlight. However, this year has seen a drastic rise in the popularity of matte or satin finishes. These finishes are certainly easier to maintain and require less regular cleanings and polishing- and in today's consumer environment, convenience and ease of care is all the rage. 



#5  : Red is Dead


hardwood flooring trends 2016 red is dead


Say goodbye to cherry, maple, and red oak- because red is dead. Okay, maybe not "dead", but definitely falling by the wayside. People also tend to be shying away from more exotic woods in favor of domestic, easy to sustain woods.  Red tinted hardwood flooring has been one of the industry standards for practically as long as people have been using hardwood for a flooring material. All good things must come to an end! Red hardwood floors have seen a steady decline and in 2016 are teetering on the edge of "outdated".


#4 : Distressed

hardwood flooring trends 2016 distressed

Forget every article we have written about how to care for your hardwood floors. Have a pet? Let them go nuts running around your floors! Had a bad day? Grab a hammer and take out that frustration on your hardwood floors, because the hardwood flooring trend that is sweeping the design world is distressed hardwood floors. Ok - so dont actually take a hammer to your hardwood floors; but you really can accomplish this type of look just by having hardwood flooring in your house, and not taking the standard maintenance steps to protect them. Granted- accomplishing distressed hardwood flooring will take much longer the natural way- it is possible! 


#3 : Intentional Mismatch


hardwood flooring trends 2016 mismatched



There was a time when a homeowner wouldn't even consider having planks that weren't uniform and identical in color, species of wood, texture, and size. Those days are over. Some homeowners and designers are going as far as actually using a variety of species to accomplish this type of look. Mismatched hardwood floors have a natural, earthy feel that screams "chic", "hip" and "non shelant"- which seems to be the overall feel shared between all of the interior design trends we have looked at today. Some homeowners accomplish this look with various shades of washes, others with different types of wood- whichever way you accomplish them, intentionally mismatched hardwood floors are gaining popularity quickly!


#2 : Wire Brushed


hardwood flooring trends 2016 wire brushed

Continuing our theme of distressed hardwood floors, the number 2 slot for the biggest hardwood flooring trends in 2016 goes to wire brushed hardwood.  Wire brushing is a method which is intended to texturize the hardwood by exposing and emphasizing the grain of the wood. The process is exactly what you think it is- taking a wire brush to a raw piece of hardwood. The results are actually quite beautiful, and look especially good in darker shades.


#1 : Reclaimed Hardwood


hardwood flooring trends 2016 reclaimed hardwood


 And our #1 hardwood flooring design trend for 2016 are reclaimed hardwood floors. With sustainability and environmental concerns on the forefront of consumer's minds (you can read our article dispelling the myth that hardwood floors harm the environment by clicking this link) reclaimed hardwood floors are on the rise like no one's business. As an added benefit, these types of hardwood floors meet the criteria for the top trends of 2016: they are distressed, often mismatched, often domestic species of woods, often come in a satin or matte finish, and have an "old home" cozy feel reminiscent of a country cottage.

There you have it!

Our picks for the top ten hardwood floor design trends  of 2016! This year's style seems to flip convention on its head in place of a lax, easy to care for, intentionally distressed style that has the added bonus of being easy to care for as well as stylish.


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Published 3/28/2016 

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