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You've Never Seen Hardwood Flooring Like This: Parquet Flooring




What is Parquet Flooring?

A parquet floor is a wooden floor made from many pieces of wood fitted together like a mosaic or puzzle, and it can be as large as a ballroom or as small as a bathroom. Frequently, parquet is made from different types of wood with varying grains, to create a unique and eye catching pattern. The parquetry inlay technique is also used on furniture or decorative items, especially in the Middle East and India, which have a long tradition of beautiful parquet floors and artwork.


Parquet Flooring can be accomplished with hardwood, laminate or engineered hardwood! In fact- most parquet floors are made with a combination of different woods, wood grains, or different color variations of the same wood species in order to create its very unique patterns. The material you use will determine the lifespan of the flooring. Traditionally, parquet floors are made from solid hardwood which is cut into tongue and groove patterns so they can be fitted together. Using this method the floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times before they need replacement.With other types of flooring such as engineered hardwood or laminate, you may not be able to refinish the floors as often due to the construction of those materials. 


Traditionally, parquet floors come in these patterns:



Although these are the standard, or "traditional" parquet patterns- the wonderful thing about parquet flooring is that the design possibilities are endless- as long as there are no gaps, parquet flooring can be made from any shape or combination of shapes. 

Prefinished Parquet Tiles

As you can imagine, to create these designs, installation can be incredibly tedious and very time consuming. This difficulty in installation caused the price of parquet flooring to skyrocket- making this style of flooring unavailable to many people. However, new innovations, and new methods of installation have reduced the cost greatly! Prefinished Parquet Tiles are now the standard among hardwood flooring installers. Why? Because these pre-finished times generally come in 10x10" or 12x12" tiles, which are already cut, stained, and designed to exactly fit together with ease cutting the cost more thanin half for installation. The only downside? With these pre-fab tiles, design choices are ample but limited- meaning that although you can attain the parquet look for a cheap price, you may sacrifice the number of patterns you can choose. 

It is also important to note that pre-fabricated parquet tiles are generally wood veneer or laminate- not solid hardwood. 


Solid parquet flooring is extremely durable. When old houses are renovated, solid parquet flooring is often discovered beneath layers of later work. These floors can readily be restored to their original grandeur. Homebuilders who want parquet flooring of a similar quality can commission floors from artisans who specialize in this work or search for antique flooring in architectural salvage businesses.

Modern parquet flooring is usually composed of a hardwood veneer laid over a less expensive substrate. The veneer is glued in place. This type of parquet flooring can sometimes be repaired or refinished if it is damaged, but it is relatively fragile. Loose pieces of veneer can be re-glued. Veneer parquet flooring is sold in panels or tiles.

Laminate parquet flooring has pieces of imitation hardwood fixed on a rigid substrate. A clear protective plastic coating protects the surface. This is the most inexpensive type of parquet flooring, but it cannot be repaired if it is damaged. It is usually sold in tiles.


If you're using the above mentioned pre-fabricated tiles, the cost to install a parquet floor may actually surprise you. Standard installation of oak pre-fabricated tiles iin a 10'X12' room (assuming the subfloor is sound and level) will cost you around $1200 including labor and materials.*


Parquet flooring is very durable, doesnt hold moisture, and generally speaking has no additional maintenance requirements outside of the usual maintencance required for the material you use for the floors. Make sure not to use damp or wet mops with any of your hardwood, or engineered hardwood floors! Cleaning should be done using soft, dry mops and you can purchase a specially designed wood floor cleaner from most big box retailers.

In Conclusion

Parquet flooring is a unique and truly beautiful option for your hardwood floors. It is versetile- coming in countless colors, grains and shapes. Parquet floors have become available to a wider spread section of people due to innovations in deisgn and installation such as pre-fabricated tiles which can be installed in way less time than if the floor is done from scratch. If you choose pre-fabricated tiles, and have a solid, level subfloor, installation in a standard room will run about $1100-1200 for the room including materials and labor* . Parquet flooring is making a come back, and designers predict that this style of flooring will only contimue to grow and provide home owners with a touch of luxury in a beautiful wood floor.


*Cost is a generalized estimate, and is subject to change based on materials, market price of tiles, room size, special installation requirements and more. Please call and get your in-home consultation for an actual price estimate! 

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Published: 02/29/2016 

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