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Hardwood Flooring: Necessary Accessories

So you've gone through endless catalouges and have decided on the perfect material, finish, and time frame for your hardwood floor install. That's it, right? Well, it can be, but Atlas offers a wider range of options for our customers in regards to their flooring design. Simply having the floor itself installed would leave your room looking somewhat unfinished, and would distract from the over all beauty of your glimmering new floor. You should also choose a trim, moulding, vents/gates (if applicable)and transitions for your floor. Generally speaking, engineered hardwood floors come with matching trims, but a genuine hardwood floor allows the flexibility to decide what kind of style, look and feel youre seaking.

So what kinds of moulding are there for my hardwood floor?

There are several different moldings and trim options designed to fit any flooring need. When installing hardwood floors, the following mouldings may be required in order to complete the job:

floor moulding

  • T-Molding: This molding is most commonly seen as a transition between a tiled floor and a wood floor, though it is also used to connect one wood floor to another.
  • Reducer/One-Sided Reducer/Flush Reducer: This moulding is typically used to level the flooring when connected to a floor with a lower height. It is also being used as a design element around fireplaces. 
  • Overlap Reducer: This moulding is used with floating floors, transitions to carpet, and with floors of a lower height. 
  • Bi-level Reducer: This moulding is used with solid hardwood floors to transition to carpet or other floors of a lower height. 
  • Baby Threshold/Threshold: This moulding is used in areas where expansion is required, such as with sliding glass doors, but can also be used with carpet. 
  • End Cap/Square Nose: This can be used similarly to a baby threshold moulding. Overlap Stair Nosing, Bull Nose: This is typically used with floating steps where expansion may be required. 
  • Flush/Square Edge Stair Nosing, Bull Nose: This is used as a transition for stairs. Quarter Round: This is commonly used around baseboards and fixed objects throughout a room. 
  • Shoe Edge Molding: This works just as quarter round molding, but does so with a smaller profile. 
  • Baseboard/Wall Base: This is used around the base of all walls in the room to cover the expansion gap space the flooring needs to breathe.

Our experts will help you decide what type of moulding you may need, and show you the various style types we have available. 


Floor Registers, Vents, Grates and Grilles:

Although not as common in California, you may have to consider what type of floor register you will choose. There are many terms that people use to describe floor registers:

Air Registers, Cold Air Returns, Floor Grilles, Floor Grates, Heat Registers, and Vent Covers.


Regardless of all the different terms they are designed for a couple of general functions. the first is to cover up the vent opening in you wall, ceiling, or floor. The second function of the floor register is to control the air flow into rooms either by limiting, redirecting, or stopping air flow altogether. People use floor registers to save on energy expense as well as to keep a certain room at a comfortable temperature. 


When considering your hardwood flooring design, its important to know all of the possible options. Give us a call today and we will answer any questions you may have! We will make sure you get the perfect hardwood floor for you.


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Published: 9/10/2015 

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