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Whether you've enjoyed hardwood floors for years or just discovered them under old carpeting, you've probably considered refinishing them. Waxing or buffing could provide a good shine, but sometimes hardwood floor refinishing is the only way to regain the original richness and beauty of the wood. Bringing that wood back to life is hard work and in many cases, it is imperative that you hire a professional.

The Hardwood Flooring Team at Atlas Custom Hardwood Flooring are experts in this business and we have seen it all. Many of our clients do not understand that there could potentially be alternatives to hardwood floor installation. The best way to find out what options are available to you is to let one of our trained hardwood installation experts visit your home or business to analyze your situation.

The Hardwood Flooring Team Offers:

The extensive training, experience and specialized equipment of Atlas Custom Hardwood Flooring can make your hardwood flooring look like new again – without the cost of a new floor. Here's what you can do with our hardwood floor refinishing service:

  • Change the Color - Our design specialists can show you options that can complement or completely change your interior design.
  • Change the Finish - Gloss, satin or anything in between, the choice is yours.
  • Don't Change a Thing - Restore the original beauty your hardwood floors had when they were installed.

A few of the options available to you are:

  • Sand & Finish - Includes our trained experts re-sanding your existing hardwood floors to bare wood, and applying stain (if desired) and finish. Perfect for when you have pulled up old carpet and noticed you have hardwood floors underneath.
  • Screen & Finish - Includes our trained experts thoroughly cleaning your floors. The screen and finish process is less intrusive to a full sanding application and creates minimal dust in your home or office. The end result is a restored hardwood floor that has the luster and shine of the original finish. Perfect for making your hardwood floor cleaner so it will look great for holiday guests.
  • Refinish Prefinished Floors - Includes our trained experts applying special hardwood floor cleaners to refinish your pre-finished hardwood floors. Many of clients did not know it was possible to refinish pre-finished floors and were very pleased with the results. Perfect for keeping your hardwood floor cleaner and looking new again.

The Benefits of Hiring The Hardwood Flooring Team:

hardwood floor refinishing has become one of the most popular do-it-yourself projects. However, it can be done a lot faster and cheaper if you are willing to have your floors receive a professional hardwood floor refinishing treatment.floor refinishing Los Angeles

Our Hardwood Flooring Team will bring all of the necessary equipment with them and have the job done faster than if you did it by yourself.

What You Should Know About hardwood floor refinishing:

The difference between refinishing and replacing hardwood floors could be in the thousands of dollars. Before you make a decision that could cost you more than necessary, you need to take a really good look at the condition of your flooring. Here's a test that can help you determine whether the flooring is in good shape, needs refinishing or replacement. Go to one of the damaged areas and pour a small amount of water on it.

  • If the water beads up, then the flooring has not lost its original waxing and polishing, and may just need to be cleaned thoroughly. Make sure you use the right types of cleaners.
  • If the water seems to percolate into the floor and changes color from clear to dark, the polish and its protective coating is truly gone and your floor is in dire need of refinishing.
  • Any result worse than the above would warrant having a Hardwood Flooring Team member coming out for a consultation for potential replacement.

The hardwood floor refinishing process begins with sanding the hardwood floors down to the bare wood. After sanding, if the customer desires, a stain can be applied to certain wood species. The stain can match the original color of the floors or can be altered to add a completely different look to the home. Finally, the floors can be coated with a choice of finishes ranging from Swedish and oil polyurethane to environmentally friendly finishes such as water based or OSMO Polyx-Oil finish.

Atlas Custom Hardwood Floors can refinish your old warn and dull hardwood floors to make them look flawless and immaculate again – as if they were brand new - try our hardwood floor refinishing services today!

The cost of any refinishing generally depends on the extent of the damage. Minimal damage can be restored cheaply with just a recoating. More extensive damage may require sanding, as well as two to three coats of finish to remove all of the dings, scratches and worn out spots.

Contact The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles Team:

Atlas Custom Hardwood Flooring is a full-service Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles company that can meet all your needs. From sales to refinishing and installations, we offer many flooring services at affordable prices. Contact us at (866) 601-6833.